How-To Clutter

S2 Ep3 How-to Clutter: Simplify Your Space to Increase Your Peace

by Lisa Cotter, posted in Excellence


Stuff. We all have it and if you’re like most Americans you have too much of it. As spring cleaning season is in full swing, Lisa interviews Brook Bunn of Cheerful Spaces on a timely how-to about clutter. Topics include three spiritual reasons for getting organized and decluttering and five simple steps for tackling those nagging spaces in our lives that are stealing our peace.



Brook’s favorite organizational supplies: Blog Post

Brook’s websites: Cheerful Spaces and Bunn and Sons
Email Brook at: brook{at}cheerfulspaces{dot}com

Quotes from this episode

“That extra coat… those shoes rotting away in your closet belong to the person without a coal or without shoes.” St. Basil the Great


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