How-To Ordinary Time

S2 Ep6 How-to Ordinary Time: Make it Extraordinary

by Lisa Cotter, posted in Excellence


Ordinary Time – there’s nothing going on, right? Wrong. Ordinary time has some amazing opportunities for us to grow in our faith. On today’s episode, Kevin and Lisa share three ways the Church invites us to live our Catholic faith and culture during the season of Ordinary Time. Why does it matter? Becuase something is defining how we live. Is it the Church or the world?




French Republican Calendar – it’s crazy!

Monthly Devotions of the Church -Lisa’s favorite site for liturgical living


Quotes from this Episode

“Green is for the growing time.” – Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

“What is a Weekend?”– Dowager, Downton Abbey


Hacks and Highlights

Perpetual Adoration live stream: Aquinas Chapel Cam (Thanks Becky Deav!)

The Go Forth Podcast with Becky and Heather

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