How-To Confession

S2 Ep15: How-to Confession

by Lisa Cotter, posted in Excellence


Confession. It’s one of the sacraments of healing, but so often the priest is like a doctor that we don’t want to see. We fear confession. We ignore it. We forget about it. But, what if we learned how to be healed through it? To help you get the most from confession, hosts Kevin and Lisa Cotter discuss 3 ways for you to make a better confession and to go more frequently.

Also, on today’s episode, you’ll hear about a really fun hack on how you can get more Catholic classics in your life AND a highlight of another podcast that you might not know about by an amazing Catholic presenter.




Forgiven by the Augustine Institute

Examination of Conscience(s)

Quotes from this Episode

“An unexamined life is not worth living” – Plato, Apology


Hacks and Highlights

Free Public Domain Audio Books:

Story of a Soul

Angel Food

Augustine’s Confessions

Introduction to the Devout Life


The Jeff Cavins Show

My Life on the Rock


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