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S4 Ep17: How-to Platform Part 2

by Lisa Cotter, posted in Excellence


So you know that you’re called to spread a message that God wants you to share, but what’s the best way to do it? In our digital world, there are so many options and endless mediums to figure out, where should you start?


On today’s episode, Kevin and Lisa finally get back to podcasting and share with you best practices on social media, speaking, podcasting, blogging, websites, and more. Along the way, they’ll share their plan for future podcasting and make fun of themselves for taking so long to come out with a part two episode.





Catholic Speakers Organization 

Communicator Academy Podcast

How to Become a Speaker from



Power-Up Podcasting Course

All of Pat Flynn’s podcasting resources

For making graphics:

For music:

For freelancers: (spelled fiverr, not fivver like Lisa said, oops.)



Community Site:

Personal Sites: Blogger and WordPress

How to write a blog post


Book Publishing

Michael Hyatt’s book proposal tutorial




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