Lisa Cotter

Who is Lisa Cotter and where did Made to Magnify come from? Here’s the answer in 10 tidbits.

1. Lisa Cotter is a Catholic speaker, author, and podcaster on the topics of relationships, femininity, and living life with excellence. She and her husband, Kevin, have served FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) as a family. Lisa and Kevin are the co-authors of “Dating Detox: 40 Days of Perfecting Love in an Imperfect World” and co-hosts of the How-to Catholic podcast. Lisa is the founder of Made to Magnify, a ministry with a mission to help people become saints — because it’s worth it. (That’s the gist, now on to the non-official stuff.)
2. I married “the hot boy who goes to youth group”… at least that’s what my friends who knew him before I did called him. You can read our love story on my blog or you can watch part of it from the Beloved series below! We’ve been married for 11 years and I love him more now than ever. Yes, marriage is awesome.
3. Kevin and I have two wonderful kids… and another one. (Just kidding. I heard someone say that once and I thought it was hilarious.) My two girls and one boy are actually wonderful and well beyond what I deserve. Being a mom is mostly fantastic, plus if it weren’t for them I’d be a much more self-absorbed person.
4. I love lists (clearly). I think this is a direct result of my Type A, 100% choleric temperament. I’m practical and that’s what you’ll find here. Practical, how-to thoughts. My brain rarely works in any other form, but sometimes I’ll get sentimental. Just know that flowery is not a word that accurately describes me.
5. Made to Magnify was an inspiration of the Holy Spirit. After years of not having anything official to call my ministry, I decided it was time to give it a name. One day during adoration I was meditating on Mary’s magnificat and – POW – it became clear to me that Made to Magnify was the title I was looking for. I think the Lord put it on my heart because I struggle with humility and magnifying the Lord like Mary is all about authentic humility.
6. I became a public speaker on accident. In 2010 I submitted a talk for a breakout session at FOCUS’ national conference and it was accepted. (Back then it was just “The FOCUS Conference”. Now we call it SEEK.) After the talk I received a thank you card and $35.00 for speaking to 1,200 men. Yep, for my first official public appearance I thought it’d be fun to speak to a bunch of college men… and you can buy a CD of that talk from Lighthouse Catholic Media to this day. Shortly after people began asking me to speak at their events. I told them that’s not what I do, but agreed anyway and somehow over the last six years it’s become a real ministry with a website and all. You can learn more about bringing me to a parish, campus, or event near you by checking out my speaker page.
7. I’m hated writing in school. One of my last assignments for college was a 20-page, double-spaced paper and I thought I was going to die. But, when God calls a choleric to do something they figure it out. After blogging for five years and writing a book with my husband I’ve grown to love it… sort of. You can check out my latest writing endeavors over at the blog.
8. FOCUS is our family’s base ministry and we are honored to work alongside some of the most selfless, holy, and ridiculously amazing Catholics in the world. Kevin currently serves as the Sr. Director of Curriculum. (Ever done The Crux Bible study? He wrote it… along with the majority of FOCUS’ bible studies.) And I, well, I’m not technically on staff, but I do some freelance work with FOCUS and when your spouse is a missionary, you are too… which means you dress up as a family for their annual All Saints’ Day party.
9. Don’t take me to a sporting event. No seriously, don’t. I’m a terrible fan. I always feel bad for the losing team so I’m always changing my mind on who to cheer for. You’d think being a cheerleader in high school would have worked that out of me, but nope.
10. Made to Magnify’s tagline of “Be saints – it’s worth it!” goes back to 2013 when I used it to end my first delivery of my “Real Womanhood” talk. The inspiration for the phrase comes from my girl Chiara Corbella Petrillo. It loosely derives from an unofficial translation of a letter she wrote to her son. The phrase sums up so much of what my ministry is about that I’ve continued to use it ever since.