Welcome to the Dating Detox Resource Page. As promised in our book, here you will find additional resources for breaking free from pornography, as well as a list of authentically Catholic counselors. We pray these resources bless you in your detox journey!


Breaking Free from Pornography


The Porn Effect

Integrity Restored

Covenant Eyes




Cleansed by Marcel LeJeune

Delivered by Matt Fradd

Freedom by Evertt Fritz

Restored by Matt and Cameron Fradd

Victory by Matt Fradd and Mark Hart


Additional Resources

Integrity Restored – Podcast

Victory – App


Catholic Counselors

Below is a list of authentically Catholic counselors whom we recommend you consider for services. The list is short because we are very picky. This list is purely for your consideration and we hold no responsibility for your individual experience with any of the listed parties.


DiNuzzo Counseling | Website |Tele-Counseling

Imago Dei Counseling | Website | Tele-Counseling

IPS Center for Psychological Services | Website | Located in Arlington, VA

Pastoral Solutions Institute | Website | Tele-Counseling

Sam Meier | Website | Located in Kansas City, KS

St. Raphael Counseling | Website | Locations in Denver, CO and Spokane, WA


Also, check out for more resources on healing.